Animal Pals Sleeping Bag Pattern
Product ID : P2G-KID21
Animal Pals Sleeping Bag Pattern
Make Your Own Sports Bra Pattern
Product ID : RSB-1
This class covers the basics of how to take the measurements, then through...
Plus Size Patterns ~ 4-, 6- and 8-Gore Skirt Styles
Product ID : 5202
Four gore, six gore and eight gore skirt styles can be made in three...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Boxer & Crop Top Pajamas
Product ID : 5502
This two-piece boxer short and crop top pajama set is both comfortable and...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Carpenter Pants
Product ID : 5303
These fun carpenter style pants can be made in long or knee length for year...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Crop Style Tops
Product ID : 5104
These comfortable tops have three different neckline styles and two different...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Denim Jeans
Product ID : 5302
Our denim jeans look great in long or capri lengths and with straight or...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Elastic Waist Shorts
Product ID : 5304
Elastic waist short styles can be made in three different lengths and your...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Elastic Waist Slacks
Product ID : 5301
These comfortable elastic waist slacks can be made in two different lengths...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Flare Skirts
Product ID : 5201
Our flare skirt style comes in three lengths to suit any figure on any...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Jean Shorts
Product ID : 5305
These straight leg jean style shorts have three different length options to...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Jumper Dresses
Product ID : 5204
This comfortable jumper has scoop or square necklines and can be made in...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Long Sleeve Tops
Product ID : 5103
This casual long sleeve shirt can be made with a round neck, square neck or...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Modern T-Shirts
Product ID : 5102
Three different sleeve lengths and two necklines to create styles from casual...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Modernized Peasant Blouses
Product ID : 5105
Our modernized peasant style blouse can be worn on or off the shoulder in two...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Nightgown
Product ID : 5501
This classic style nightgown can be made with your choice of long or short...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Off The Shoulder Tops
Product ID : 5106
This off the shoulder style top has a great layered look or can be made...
Plus Size Patterns ~ Strappy Tops
Product ID : 5107
These strappy tops are comfortable and fun to wear in your choice of three...