About Us

Sarah Doyle and Denise Hoyle, a mother/daughter team have over 50 years combined experience in pattern making, teaching and writing pattern making, sewing, alteration and craft books. Additionally, the two have a host of patterns also available.

Sarah graduated from Cheing Mei Pattern Making School in Tainan, Taiwan, being the first American to attend the school, with the aid of an interpreter. After graduation, other military wives were asking her to teach them how to make patterns, which brought about the first of many pattern making books to be available to individuals all around the world.

Denise, with an MBA in eBusiness and Technology, is also an avid designer, author and pattern maker. Among Denise’s many accomplishments is the design and creation of the extremely popular Coupon Clutch, the coupon organizer that looks like a designer tote. She is also the author of the popular Alterations As A Home Business manual, How To Make Scarves Book, in addition to a wide variety of other sewing, craft, and business books.

Denise also excels in the eCommerce field, as a social media consultant. You can read more about Denise in her DeniseHoyle.com and SpecterWeb.com websites.